Crystal Voices

This CD has the absolute best chakra meditation I have ever come across. It’s difficult for me to get grounded and feel centered. The chakra meditation helps me do so. From Amazon: The top-selling, original, definitive Crystal Bowl CD by Crystal Bowl pioneers CRYSTAL VOICES (Deborah Van Dyke & Valerie Farnsworth) DR.WAYNE DYER calls it […]

The Secret of Deliberate Creation

In late December, I began planning and visualizing all that I wanted to create in 2007. I went out searching for anything that would give me a new, fresh perspective on how to manifest things. I came across a man and an audio program I hadn’t heard of before. The man is Dr. Robert Anthony […]

Big Mind/Big Heart Revealed

While I’m not a Buddhist, I often seem to find myself drawn to Buddhist teachings to help define my own spirituality. Recently, I came across a two DVD set called Big Mind/Big Heart Revealed. The DVDs are powerful. Simply put, Zen Master Genpo Roshi calls upon various parts of our being (The Controller, The Fixer, […]

Experience The Power of Grace

In April, 2006, I got the chance to attend Cheryl Richardson’s Experience The Power of Grace workshop. It was incredible. Cheryl is selling a 6-CD audio recording of her workshop. I highly recommend purchasing them. From the Web site: Join Cheryl as she explores ways to see and experience the power of grace in your […]

The Secret

I’ve begun to become more conscious of the Law of Attraction and apply it more to my life. One of the things that really helped me to better understand attraction was a documentary a friend told me about called . From the official Web site: This ground-breaking feature length movie presentation reveals The Great Secret […]

Change Your Life in 30 Days

During the month of August, 2006, I spent each day working with the Rhonda Britten book. It was hard work, but worth the time spent doing each chapter’s exercises. It’s one thing to analyze oneself, but it’s another to get brutally honest. This book, in a very straightforward manner, helps you to focus in on […]

Personal Power Through Awareness

Written by the same author of “Living With Joy”, this book blew my mind. Not only that, it changed the way I look at everything in life and how I conduct my readings. The constant in this book is the idea that everything is energy. Once you begin to embrace that idea, it makes you […]

Living With Joy

This book is incredible. Actually, all the books by this author have been outstanding. I know many spiritual/self-help books, pretty much, offer the same message: love yourself. The trick is to find a book written in a way that really speaks to you. This book and this author did it for me. Check it out.

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